Shrigley Swan Goes Viral!

by Abi Crompton


Yes, that’s where the organic viral goodness started, with the line "I have never wanted anything more in my life.." leading to an internet swan sensation!
Five days ago a Twitter follower posted the David Shrigley Ridiculous Inflatable 
Swan-thing and it has gone viral! 
Although designed and predominantly desired as a pool float, the majority of tweeters, and now buyers, love the Shrigley creation for its soul.  
Teen Vogue quotes "Swan-Thing is us reading the news, us making small talk, us trying to figure out if we recognize the person across the subway from middle school or just from seeing them on the subway all the time, us remembering times when we have caused pain to others. Swan-Thing is us and we are Swan-Thing”.
You can order your Swan-Things now here and jump on board with the madness! It ain't slowing down!