by Abi Crompton


We are (pee-in-our-pants-not-the-pool) excited to finally share this very special collaboration with you. The Cindy Sherman Oops Phone Float is available now for pre-order and may we just say, we're predicting big things for this treasure and are here to float the idea that you get behind this beautiful item with a very special cause behind it - to us and the artist. The float project is a collaboration by Cindy Sherman, Third Drawer Down, and + POOL, the nonprofit organization building an Olympic-sized water-filtering, floating swimming pool in New York’s river.

Check it out.

  • A true passion project for the artist, swimmer, and + POOL advocate, this is an extraordinary moment to present a rare product by the wildly influential and collectable artist.
  • Some proceeds from all global sales will be donated to support Friends of + POOL.
  • The open edition phone-shaped pool float is inspired by the artist’s @cindysherman Instagram account and her experiments with Apps. The featured image is adapted from the artist’s snapshot “Oops,” 2017, courtesy the artist.
  • The 5.5-foot, phone-shaped pool float is both sculptural and functional for a premium pool floating experience.
  • Each float is packaged in a premium gift box inside a transparent drawstring swim bag with the artist’s signature quote, “I’d rather be swimming.”
  • Digitally printed with silk-screened metallic silver backing can be used as a functional pool float or sculptural object.

“These works have a particular charge at a time when we snap ourselves with the understanding that our image will ricochet onto any number of screens, devices, and platforms. We are all striving to get it right.” W magazine cover story for 2017 Art issue on @CindySherman phenomenon

Also - here's a look at the + POOL project - I'd rather be swimming, that's for sure. 

Don't miss this rare opportunity to support this fantastic cause and celebrate the fascinating art of Cindy Sherman. View the details here