We Go to the Gallery

Third Drawer Down Studio in collaboration with Dung Beetle Reading scheme present the We Go to the Gallery collection. A collection created to extend the life lessons behind the jolly, colorful illustrations and three word learning process by placing selected spreads from the best-selling book onto functional, collectable art products. 

We recommend you use these products regularly, daily if possible; "The future of British art and cultural standards depends on our children grasping the full significance of contemporary art, so that they can lead full, happy and conflicted lives for many generations to come"-Miria Elia, author

  • Is The Art Pretty Tea Towel x We Go To The Gallery
    Regular price$28.00 USD Sale price$7.00 USD
  • John Sees The Painting Tote Bag x We Go To The Gallery
    Regular price$36.00 USD Sale price$9.00 USD