ART VAULT: Mrzyk and Moriceau

by Abi Crompton

Third Drawer Down

In 2008 we collaborated with Mrzyk and Moriceau on a letraset project making decal-art sheets.  Here is a moment in our time together:

Working collaboratively since 1998, the Chatillon-sur-Indre, France based artists

Petra Mrzyk and Jean-Francois Moriceau are a collaborative duo known as Mrzyk and Moriceau. Known for their detailed black and white ink drawings, their work straddles the fine line between absurd, humorous and perverse. With an ironic nod to commercial illustration, comics and graphic design, the creative duo draw inspiration from contemporary visual culture. In the inky line drawings of Mrzyk and Moriceau, animals take on human traits, inanimate objects come to life, the surreal is the norm and anything is possible.