Custom Projects

Third Drawer Down embraces the challenges posed by cultural retailing. As a market leader in making cultural and functional art products, we facilitate collaboration in the design, licensing and distribution of limited edition objects and high-end souvenirs. Visit our Custom Design website here to further explore some of our work.


Third Drawer Down is a multidisciplinary design agency that brings together the expertise of artists, designers, marketing and retail experts and manufacturers to create innovative products, packaging design and retail solutions tailored to your specialized audience.


At Third Drawer Down, we work closely with you and your brief to create your vision. We can also consult with you to build a brief from the ground up. In partnership with you we respond to the brief and refine the concepts, honor time schedules and budgets, and deliver exceptional products. Whatever the scale of your project, you will receive our full attention.


With over 10 years experience in developing products, we have built enduring relationships with a diverse range of suppliers. This means we have an incredible resource at our disposal to create a wide array of products from the sublime to the ridiculous, including:

  • Textiles (including luxury scarfs, tea towels, napkins, tote bags, handkerchiefs, aprons and bedding)
  • Ceramics (handmade or cast, hand painted or decals)
  • Tableware (placemats, coasters, cutlery)
  • Stationery and Workspace (pens, notebooks, diaries, pencil pouches, rulers, stamps, sticky tape)
  • Accessories (umbrellas, key rings, wallets, iPad covers)
  • Multiples, candles, wooden blocks, snow globes

And everything in between .. 


Third Drawer Down fully understands the worth of creating exclusive small-run editions. Our international reputation has been built on developing high-quality products that are both superbly crafted and commercially relevant.


At Third Drawer Down we embrace the idea of the cultural souvenir but we have reinvigorated it as a means to attract new audiences. We understand the importance of communicating original ideas by creating innovative and exciting products. Our network of partnerships worldwide brings together commercial design, contemporary art and high-quality production, to ensure that, whether big or small, your project will get the attention to detail that it deserves.


Third Drawer Down offers affordable air and sea freight to over 150 countries, providing a personalized service to and from key destinations. We are happy to work flexibly to assist you with your shipping needs, whether you are shipping novices or regular importers and exporters of freight.


At Third Drawer Down we believe in cost transparency-there are no hidden costs. We offer our clients clear and realistic cost breakdowns and we are more than happy to tailor the proposal to your specified budget whether it’s big or small.