Summer Store

Everything you need for Summer, curated by Third Drawer Down. Think colourful lunch tins and tote bags for day trips or picnics in the park, quirky food themed furniture for backyard hosting, artful tees and scarves to liven up your look, and Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Things and Hot Diggity Dogs for the pool and beyond… 

  • Hot Diggity Dog Pool Float x Jon Burgerman
    $45.00 USD
  • Hot Diggity Dog Pool Float X-Large x Jon Burgerman
    $100.00 USD
  • Text Me Yeah Lunch Tin x Magda Archer
    $33.50 USD
  • Stay Fresh Lunch Tin x Magda Archer
    $33.50 USD
  • Please Go Away Clutch x Magda Archer
    $30.00 USD
  • Don't Touch My Stuff Tote Bag x David Shrigley
    $35.00 USD
  • Be Silly Sometimes Visor x Frances Cannon
    $30.00 USD
  • Into Myself Always Tote x Frances Cannon
    $35.50 USD
  • Gorilla Mask Tote Bag x Guerrilla Girls
    $35.00 USD
  • Don't Ring the Bell Bike Bell x David Shrigley
    $36.00 USD
  • Back In Five Minutes Cap x David Shrigley
    $25.70 USD
  • I Went Out For A Bit And Then I Came Back Tote Bag x David Shrigley
    $42.00 USD
  • Shoelaces x Adam JK
    $9.00 USD
  • Eyes Of Mine Handkerchief x Yayoi Kusama
    $30.00 USD
  • Joy I Feel Handkerchief x Yayoi Kusama
    Sold out
  • Through the Flower Scarf x Judy Chicago
    $150.00 USD
  • A Little Taste Outside Of Love Scarf x Mickalene Thomas
    $145.00 USD