Third Drawer Down proudly celebrates our exceptional LGBTQ+ artists throughout Pride month and all year long. From groundbreaking art activists to newer names making work about their own lived experience in the world right now. Discover our editions with queer artists Adam JK (US), the Guerrilla Girls (US), Frances Cannon (AU), Margaret Preston (AU), Mickalene Thomas (US), Nick Cave (US) and Tony Albert (AU).


  • Be Silly Sometimes Visor x Frances Cannon
    Regular price$30.00 USD Sale price$7.50 USD
  • Dear Art Collector Handkerchief x Guerrilla Girls
    Regular price$20.00 USD Sale price$15.00 USD
  • Gorilla Pin x Guerrilla Girls
    Regular price$16.00 USD Sale price$12.00 USD
  • The Advantages Of Being A Woman Tea Towel x Guerrilla Girls
    Sold out
  • A Little Taste Outside Of Love Scarf x Mickalene Thomas
    Regular price$145.00 USD Sale price$108.75 USD
  • Eliminate The Stench Air Freshener x Guerrilla Girls
    Regular price$5.00 USD Sale price$3.75 USD
  • Gorilla Mask Tote Bag x Guerrilla Girls
    Regular price$35.00 USD Sale price$26.25 USD
  • Disturbing The Peace Jigsaw Puzzle x Guerrilla Girls
    Regular price$33.00 USD Sale price$8.25 USD
  • Le Dejeuner Jigsaw Puzzle x Mickalene Thomas
    Regular price$35.00 USD Sale price$26.25 USD
  • Flocked Naked Lady Patch x Frances Cannon
    Regular price$6.00 USD Sale price$1.50 USD
  • Met. Museum (Do Women Have to be Naked) Mug x Guerrilla Girls
    Regular price$28.00 USD Sale price$7.00 USD
  • The Advantages Of Being A Woman Artist Clutch x Guerrilla Girls
    Regular price$30.00 USD Sale price$22.50 USD
  • Gorilla Bandana x Guerrilla Girls
    Regular price$25.00 USD Sale price$6.25 USD
  • Postcard Box Set x Guerrilla Girls
    Regular price$25.00 USD Sale price$18.75 USD
  • Into Myself Always Tote x Frances Cannon
    Regular price$35.50 USD Sale price$8.88 USD
  • All the Love Coin Purse x Frances Cannon
    Regular price$26.50 USD Sale price$6.63 USD
  • Shoelaces x Adam JK
    Regular price$9.00 USD Sale price$6.75 USD
  • You Belong Air Freshener x Adam JK
    Regular price$4.50 USD Sale price$3.38 USD
  • Wake Up Eye Mask x Adam JK
    Regular price$26.00 USD Sale price$19.50 USD
  • Then Now Floor Rug x Adam JK
    Regular price$65.00 USD Sale price$48.75 USD
  • Nothing Matters Stress Toy x Adam JK
    Regular price$12.00 USD Sale price$9.00 USD
  • Flora Coaster Set x Margaret Preston
    Regular price$35.00 USD Sale price$26.25 USD