Gifts for Lovers

Whether for a Valentine, a Gal-entine, or a Pal-entine, we know you'll find something perfect for your special someone (or secret crush) right here.
  • Nothing Matters Stress Toy x Adam JK
    $12.00 USD
  • F**king Ace Scented Car Air Freshener x David Shrigley
    $5.00 USD
  • Egg-shaped Maracas x David Shrigley
    $25.00 USD
  • Curious Foot-Shaped Pedestal x David Shrigley
    $48.00 USD
  • Pin Badge Set x David Shrigley
    $3.00 USD
  • You Must Stay Shaggy Floor Mat x David Shrigley
    $70.00 USD
  • The World Is Very Dangerous Hip Flask x David Shrigley
    $30.00 USD
  • Giant Corn Stool
    $245.00 USD
  • Giant Ice Cream Planter
    $60.00 USD
  • I've Got A Boner Melamine Plate x David Shrigley
    $24.00 USD
  • Cocaine & Heroin Salt and Pepper Shakers x David Shrigley
    $65.00 USD
  • Eat Me Gym Socks x Gumball Poodle
    $17.00 USD
  • Love Forever Domestic Art Towel Set x Yayoi Kusama
    $55.00 USD
  • Jonathan Adler - Lips Trinket Tray - Red
    $115.00 USD
  • Text Me Yeah Tea Towel x Magda Archer
    $36.00 USD
  • Life Is Fantastic Tea Towel x David Shrigley
    $36.00 USD
  • Joy I Feel Handkerchief x Yayoi Kusama
    $30.00 USD
  • Men Are Fools Magnet x David Shrigley
    Sold out
  • Eyes Of Mine Handkerchief x Yayoi Kusama
    $30.00 USD
  • Virtues Theologales Linen Tea Towel x Louise Bourgeois
    $45.00 USD
  • Late-Night Chat Is Filled With Dreams Mug Set x Yayoi Kusama
    $60.00 USD
  • The Dinner Party Coaster Set x Judy Chicago
    $35.00 USD
  • Dear Art Collector Handkerchief x Guerrilla Girls
    $20.00 USD
  • Afromuses Couple (Woman) x Chris Ofili
    $36.00 USD