Faith Ringgold

Artist, author, educator, and organizer Faith Ringgold (b. 1930, New York, NY) is one of the most influential cultural figures of her generation, with a career linking the multi-disciplinary practices of the Harlem Renaissance to the political art of young Black artists working today. 

For sixty years, Ringgold has drawn from personal autobiography and collective histories to document her life as an artist and mother and amplify social justice and equity struggles. 

From creating some of the most indelible artworks of the civil rights era to challenging accepted hierarchies of art versus craft through her experimental story quilts, Faith Ringgold has produced a body of work that bears witness to the complexity of the American experience. 

Third Drawer Down Studio created this collection in collaboration with the New Museum for "Faith Ringgold: American People", the first full retrospective in New York of this artist's extraordinary works.