Artful Gift Ideas

There's never a bad time of year for gift giving!

Here’s a few ideas to help find the gifts for your loved ones... There’s a perfect match for your mum, dad, sister, brother, brother from another mother, work colleagues and your best friend! We’ve got a gift for everyone special to you in your life here at Third Drawer Down!
  • Friendly Door Snake x David Shrigley
    Regular price$22.00 USD Sale price
    On Sale from $16.50 USD
  • Collect Records Frisbee x David Shrigley
    Regular price$35.00 USD Sale price$26.25 USD
  • Egg-shaped Maracas x David Shrigley
    Regular price$25.00 USD Sale price$18.75 USD
  • Playing Cards x Adam JK
    Regular price$14.00 USD Sale price$10.50 USD
  • Counting Rice Puzzle x Marina Abramovic
    Regular price$42.00 USD Sale price$31.50 USD