ART VAULT: Why the Guerrilla Girls sent this poster, 'Dearest Art Collector', to well-known art collectors.

by Bold Commerce Collaborator

"We know that you feel terrible about this" - Guerrilla Girls.

Shortly after forming in 1986, the Guerrilla girls sent this poster, 'Dearest Art Collector', to well- known art collectors, pointing out how few works they owned by women artists.'

The Guerrilla Girls was formed by seven New York-based female artists in 1985 in response to a MOMA exhibition called ‘An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture’ where only 13 of the 169 artists were female. The show’s curator stated that anyone excluded from the show should rethink his career (note the pronoun used).

In reaction to this prejudice and gender bias, the group protested in front of the museum and began their mission to fight against inequality in the art world.

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