Get some Hi Art! in your collection.

by Abi Crompton

Accessibility has always been something we’ve drawn focus on at Third Drawer Down, to work with something as evocative, exciting and important as art, and providing a platform for all to enjoy it is what we do best! With our new Hi Art range we’ve taken art education and engagement to the next level, this ever-growing brand is your doorway into the art world, and let me tell you.. it’s wide open! This is Hi Art! 

Hi Art! Accessible Art Collection

Banishing intimidation with whoopie cushions and squishy stress toys? Why of course! We aim to bring down the divides and help make art that little bit less intimidating! We admit it’s not all fun and games, balloon dogs and soup cans but it’s not all blue periods either!

Take our new ART SEE game for example. The Art See Museum Experience Dice Game is a simple way to start what could be a lifelong love affair with art, this game helps you loosen up and have a laugh in a gallery context, something you may not always expect on your day to the museum! So go ahead and roll the dice, who knows you might view art in a way you had never thought possible!

This is ART SEE! from Third Drawer Down on Vimeo.


Don't take our word for it though. Our art graduate/buyer for our Australian store /writer of the brilliant Hi Art! Newspaper wanted to share her faves!

"When trying to decide a favorite for the new Hi Art! range I admit it was a tie for first place, coming out on top, a no-brainer, being the Fart Whoopee Cushion…F-ART, it’s genius! Along side was the Fabric Toy Newspaper (Yes I wrote it, so what!) This plush, squeaky, and ever so silky publication is both a textural and educational experience! Having the opportunity to discuss what I love most, art theory and history in a way that appeals to younger people, to jokesters and those who love a good pun was way too much fun. As an advocate for humour in art and knowing when to have a giggle I assure you it will be just as fun to participate, give any of these new interactive products a go and you too could crack a smile like the Mona Lisa."

News from Hi Art! from Third Drawer Down on Vimeo.

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