A Note About COVID-19

by Abi Crompton

coronavirus update 

To our beloved Third Drawer Down community,

We believe in creating a safe space for everyone to experience art to live with. This includes prioritising the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees.

Like many of you, we have spent weeks learning about coronavirus (COVID-19) and have been working quickly to make the necessary adjustments to our work and operations. We are following the latest guidance from WHO and the CDC. All of our team members, especially our store employees, have been trained on additional safety measures to ensure that we are taking every precaution possible to help protect your health.

While we have always taken pride in the hygiene standards and cleanliness of our stores, we have implemented these additional measures to reduce the potential for exposure:

1. Increasing the frequency of disinfectant cleaning of our store and distribution centres, including high-touch areas such as product displays, counters, registers and credit card payment devices.

2. Instructing our employees to wash their hands multiple times a day and adding more hand sanitiser, alcohol wipes, and tissues to our workplaces and sales floors.

3. Keeping our employees up to date on the information they need to help prevent exposure and requiring them to stay at home if they are showing symptoms of illness.

4. Establishing a dedicated task force with representatives from critical business units to help our organisation take immediate action in response to this evolving issue and ensure the care of our customers and employees globally.

For those who prefer to shop from home, our products will be available 24/7 here at www.thirddrawerdown.com.


We will continue to closely monitor the situation, and we are committed to doing everything we can to protect your health and wellbeing.


Stay safe,

The Third Drawer Down Fam.