by Abi Crompton

We are so puffing excited to share this (rare) David Shrigley interview with you! It's all in celebration of our new puffy sticker card collection which has landed and become the new love of our lives. 

The interview with the "charming and pragmatic artist" is all about collaboration, napping and "proper" jobs, with a nice little insight into why we love David so and why we as Third Drawer Down Studio art lovers will continue to collaborate with this genius! 

You can read the full interview here and wish David Shrigley was your tea drinking buddy and then you can come back and choose your favourite design! We can't choose. Ok we can and it's Crocs with Cocks. 

Basically we're putting puffy stickers EVERYWHERE, and you should too, we've given the collection the tag line 'put a puffy sticker on it' and we'll  be sharing a bunch of videos to show you just how many things we're sticking them on! Big love to Cool Hunting and big big love to our long term collaborator friend David Shrigley.

puffy sticker cards by David Shrigley