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Third Drawer Down USA LLC
8605 Santa Monica Blvd #79479
West Hollywood, California 90069-4109

Third Drawer Down USA LLC
8605 Santa Monica Blvd #79479
West Hollywood, California 90069-4109

Truth Bomb Limited Edition book x Abigail Crompton

$65.00 USD



There is nothing more explosive than an original idea…and nothing more dangerous.

Truth Bomb: Inspiration from the Mouths and Minds of Women Artists is a powerful visual celebration of twenty-two remarkable and iconoclastic women artists, including Yayoi Kusama, Mickalene Thomas, Maja Djordjevic, Nina Chanel Abney, and Judy Chicago. Using every medium from collages, cartoons, and spray paint to video art, bronze sculpture, and painting, these pioneering artists’ original ideas have challenged the establishment and continue to do so every day.

As it brings together arresting works from around the world, Truth Bomb seeks to motivate and empower readers, and challenge them to find solace in shared human experiences of solidarity, enlightenment, passion, laughter, introvert ways, and a new way of seeing the world.

“I look at art. Constantly,” writes author Abigail Crompton in the book’s introduction. “I live with it. I seek it out, surround myself with it. I cannot imagine life without it.” Drawing on her unique understanding of both art and

artists, Crompton, who describes herself as an “art fan,” not an “art theorist,” tells stories of resilience, tenacity, sacrifice, and steely determination. “These women guide and inspire me.”

In this vibrant volume, she not only presents a selection of each artist’s work, but also offers a glimpse into their inner lives: what inspires them, what their process is, and what makes them tick. These are her art crushes—the women who have articulated radical perspectives on everything from mental health to racial inequality to sexism in the art world. As Crompton shares images, memories, historic moments, interviews, and inspirational beginnings told by artists themselves, she uncovers the power of taking a chance and not being shy when it comes to making a mark. Each page of this incredible book, filled with sharp truths and biting humor, drops a new “truth bomb.”


About the Author

Abigail Crompton is the founder and artistic director of Third Drawer Down (est. 2003), an innovative design studio whose mission is to make art affordable, accessible, and a part of the everyday. Specializing in the design and production of art and museum merchandise, Abigail has represented and collaborated with more than 200 artists from around the world, including Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith, Cy Twombly, Yayoi Kusama, John Baldessari, Roni Horn, Richard Hamilton, and the Picasso Foundation. Third Drawer Down creates memorable products for the Museum of Modern Art, Tate Gallery, Whitney Museum of American Art, and New Museum, among many other global cultural institutions.