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Premiere Tea Towel x Stuart Davis

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Third Drawer Down in collaboration with LACMA and Stuart Davis estate has printed his 1957 work Premiere on a 100% linen tea towel and, ironically, 100% is embroidered on the tea towel itself. It makes for a functional and artistic addition to the kitchen or alternately can be stretched over a canvas to make for an affordable artwork for the home.

About the Artist
Stuart Davis is considered one of America’s leading abstract artists and has long been touted as a precursor of the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. Davis moved through several distinctive methods throughout his career â from the realistic and truthful tenants of the Ashcan School movement through to abstract art inspired heavily by consumerism and the rhythms of jazz. Premiere is currently part of LACMA’s permanent collection.

- 100% Linen with embroidery
- Gift Packaged
- 50cm x 70cm

Premiere, 1957
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