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Eagle Mug x Marcel Broodthaers

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Third Drawer Down Studio in collaboration with Marcel Broodthaers Estate present Chez votre fournisseur fine bone china mug. The original artwork was made from industrially fabricated vacuum-formed plastic reliefs. Broodthaers called them "Industrial Poems," alluding to their manufacture as well as their play with language. Fascinated by the ubiquity of the Eagle as a symbol of strength and power throughout history, Broodthaers used the eagle (a central motif in his work) as an advertising icon for a brand of vinegar, complete with the taglineChez votre fournisseur (From your supplier), further blurring the line between artistic and commercial production.

About the Artist
Marcel Broodthaers (1924 - 1976) was a Belgian poet, photographer, film-maker and artist. Broodthaers was a poet from age 16-17 for most of his life. During these years he had some contacts with the Belgian Surrealists, especially Magritte, who gave him a copy of Mallarme Un Coup de Des (Magritte’s paintings with words, in which there is a contradiction between the painted word and the painted object, were later a crucial influence on him). From 1958 he begun to publish articles illustrated with his own photographs, but it wasn't until 1963 in the last 13 years of his life that he decided to become an artist and began to make objects. He first one-man exhibition was at the Galerie St Laurent, Brussels, 1964 where he exhibited everyday objects, words, lettering, child-like drawings etc., often with verbal-visual puns; made books, catalogues, prints on everything from canvases attached to the wall to reliefs in plastic.

"- Fine Bone China Mug
- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- Size: 9.8 x 8.3cm diameter (3.9”x 3.1”)
- Gift boxed

Chez votre fournisseur (Le Vinaigre Des Aigles),1968. Painted vacuum-formed plastic plate. © Marcel Broodthaers Estate. Licensed by Viscopy / SABAM
This collection has been produced in conjunction with Marcel Broodthaers retrospective at MoMA in New York and travelling there after.
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